Intimate partner violence formerly known as domestic violence involves physical, sexual, or psychological harm caused by a current or former partner. Regardless of the name this abuse is given, victims experience both immediate and long term health, social, and economic consequences.

No More

Shut Up! Are you stupid other something? It was only a slap! You can’t leave, you’re mine! No one will believe you. It was your fault. You made me do it. It is because I love you. I’m sorry, and I promise it won’t happen again. You are nothing without me! You can’t make it on your own! Phrases like these are one way to keep a victim locked in a cycle of fear and shame. The No More national campaign is working towards eliminating domestic and sexual violence and putting an end to that cycle.

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National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

For more information on victim resources and assistance, or to becomes an advocate in ending intimate partner violence, please visit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence at

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