Our Behavioral Health Team seeks to meet the multifaceted needs of our patients and the community by providing compassionate, patient-centered, population-based, and whole person care.  Our behavioral health providers work closely with the rest of the medical team to reduce barriers to care and improve outcomes for all patients.

Behavioral Health Services
As a patient’s medical home, our goal is to provide the highest quality, whole person care.  Our Behavioral Health team works side-by-side with Primary Care Providers to ensure that patients receive thorough, effective, and consistent care. We provide same-day consultation for a variety of needs including depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, substance use, weight loss, pain management, and diabetes management.  Psychotherapy and follow-up appointments are also provided, as needed.

We know that many of our health concerns are significantly affected by our emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being; and we know that our emotional functioning is affected by physical health concerns. Therefore, we seek to treat patients with the understanding that:

  • Physical health and mental health are linked,
  • Stress and emotional concerns can make a physical health problem worse,
  • Addressing the stress and emotional concerns greatly improves outcomes for multiple areas of care.

Services Provided
Our Behavioral Health Team offer a variety of services, including

  • Screening patients for stressors and mental health conditions.
  • Providing immediate support and/or referrals, if necessary.
  • Individual, group, and family therapy.
  • Collaborative medical appointments to address behavior change related to care.

We accept most insurance plans for mental health and behavioral health services and if you are uninsured our services are offered on a sliding fee scale based your income and household size.

For established Behavioral Health patients with problems after hours, please call the COPES team at 918.744.4800.

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