Starting or growing your family can be a very exciting time. There’s items to buy and names to be chosen, but before you start daydreaming about if your bundle of joy will be a boy or girl, have you considered your personal health? A healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy person, so if you are expecting or anticipating on becoming a parent, please call 918.622.0641, to schedule an appointment with one of Community Health Connection’s friendly and knowledgeable healthcare providers. They are your best source for up to date recommendations on nutrition, the need for prenatal vitamins and folic acid, and they will perform screenings, exams, or additional services to assess your overall health.

Are you looking for more resources and information on every aspect of pregnancy? Click the links for family planning services provided at Community Health Connection. The links available include suggestions for becoming pregnancy ready, self-care, and additional topics such as how your family will change after the new baby arrives.

Conception to Birth-Visualized

Fibroids and Pregnancy

My Plate Daily Checklist

Find out what and how much you should be eating as an expectant mother with this interactive online guide.

Treating for Two

Almost all pregnant women face decisions about medication usage during pregnancy. Know the benefits and risks associated by talking to your healthcare provider and visiting

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